Johan Boden is originally from Sweden and an entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in the food, beverage, agriculture and the past 12 years renewable energy industry.

Johan is the co-founder of Chumak, a Swedish-Ukrainian vertically integrated food processing company located in Kakhovka, Kherson Region in the south of Ukraine.  Chumak has a sales organization of 550 people and distribution coverage of 47,000 sales points.  Chumak  has played a significant role in the rapid development of Ukrainian vegetable farming and overall development.

Johan is also co-founder of Vindkraft who has developed a 330 MW wind park in southern Ukraine in close collaboration with the Danish wind turbine producer VESTAS.

Johan has spent all his professional life in emerging markets and have experiences of both the bold dynamics and optimism as well as the effect of significant crises and volatility.

The past 4 years Johan and his business partners have developed a new entrepreneurship in Vietnam called DenEast being a dedicated contract manufacturer with a state of art plant outside HCMC producing nutrition, dairy and plant based aseptic beverages for leading global and regional brands serving their growth strategies on the Vietnam market and APAC region.

Johan was educated in Economics from Enskilda Gymnasiet and the IHM Business School, both in Sweden, and post graduate studies with Orka Brand Academy in Norway.

Johan resides with his wife Larissa and their three children, two dogs and a cat (all from Ukraine) in Thao Dien