Thank you for considering me to the Nordcham Vietnam board. My past experience in International Business, 16 years in France and Belgium, nearly 10 years now in Vietnam and South East Asia, working mostly in private sector but also as Trade Counselor of Finnish Embassy has given me a vast network and experience of commercial activities in several industries. I have been following keenly the Vietnam developing during last years but a lot remains to be done here. As a private consultant supporting market entries of foreign companies to Vietnamese market, I am facing the red tape and peculiar laws which still exists and makes life for companies difficult. Therefore, I very much appreciate the work what various Chambers do by supporting the Government in driving the legislation and practices to more modern and less bureaucratic direction. During the 4 years I worked as Trade Counselor (and Nordcham HCMC board member) I also noted the influence what chambers, trade organizations and commercial sectors of the foreign embassies can have in changing things, when cooperating efficiently.

As a Board Member, I would concentrate in developing our network with local administration, likewise with the local departments of the ministries. They provide normally inaccessible information and background support which we can use for our members’ benefit. Likewise, there are plenty of very developed Vietnamese companies who are keen in doing business with foreign counterparts but lack the connections and sometimes the skills to go further. We should attract them in to our network ie. by providing thematic short seminars and relaxed networking activities. We need to remember also that we have a role in providing information and support for Nordic companies who are looking to the market. Obviously, the country specific trade organizations do their part and jointly we could also extend the services on a wider spectrum.