Event Manager, Nordcham Vietnam

Job information

  • Title: Event Manager
  • Report to: Chairman and Vice Chairman (HCMC) of Nordcham
  • Working location: HCMC – Vietnam

Tasks and responsibilities

Organize and execute events to perfection

  • Events in general, arrange venue, send out invitations, connect all the dots, be the key driver to make it happen in a very organized and professional way. 
  • Information is key. Professional and on point communication between the board, attendees at the event, sponsors, key speakers, venue etc. 
  • Attention to detail is a must. Keep all documentation and be on top of the events and communication with all involved. Good organizational skills and documentation skills. 
  • Be able to negotiate contracts and conditions with venues and sponsors and arrange the best possible conditions for us. 
  • Understanding numbers and budget and manage overview on income and expenses on every event. 
  • Be proactive in terms of development and changes so we always do better at the next event based on learnings and feedback.
  • Good communication skills, talking to sponsors, members etc. to get them on board, get them and keep them committed on events and sponsorships.
  • Excellent in English speaking and writing. 
  • Making sure our members get what they pay for when it comes to sponsorships. Both in terms of exposure at the event, before and after, but also special attention. 
  • Strong in using FB and LinkedIn and a flair for the social media aspect and how to communicate on these platforms in a professional and good way. 

A collection of our current events

  • Business Briefings/Webinars, arrange with preferred partners for the topic and make sure they prepare and commit to the event, send out invitations with the program, link to online, promote it online on all social media. Make minutes after meetings and follow up if needed to all members and guests. Send out a follow up to all members/attendees. 
  • Get2gether – arrange the events every month both in Hanoi and HCMC, do the marketing, find sponsors for each event, marketing the event, invite people proactively and get the board members to support, write updates from chambers and embassies to the host for presentation at the event. Arrange who will be the host from the board each time.
  • Arrange the Alumni event and all that includes both Hanoi and HCMC. This is our biggest signature event of the year. We will be hosting our 2nd one 17th April this year in Hanoi.
  • After actions after the event, thank you to all, posts on all social media, work on setting up a greater collaboration over time with alumni, embassies and the Nordic companies
  • Document events and procedures, so we do it the same way and work smarter not harder, evaluate and improve.

Support the board

  • Supporting the board members and members in activities, admin and research and planning.
  • Update of calendar running with admin, make sure all events are called in all board members calendars, with zoom link if so, make sure to change this as we go along if changes happen, keep calendar updated online, and on all social media and website.
  • Collect all events, participation, activities in 1 document for the preparation of AGM each year, where we show off all statistics on new members, budget, activities and new initiatives, make this presentation and arrange the meeting.
  • Create great partnerships with Embassies for information and support.

Communication and marketing

  • Communication to all stakeholders, members, embassies, alumni groups, venue regarding the events.
  • Create and send out all paperwork, invitations, reminders, program, contact to alumni, sell tickets, search for embassy funding, make sure all marketing is done so we have max exposure, find venue, arrange the whole thing.
  • Create and send out direct emails to all members with updates, support on content writing.
  • Keep all social media updated, website, FB and LinkedIn – keep, create and update the social media posting document
    • All events both before and after
    • All co-sponsored events both before and after
    • Share and update after all events, with pictures, thanks, facts
  • Be on the floor and present at all events, you run it, you are responsible. 

Administration / Partnership deals

Each summer or winter we try to arrange special Partnership Deals – summer deals and Christmas deals for members. The job is to reach out to hotels, cafés, transport, travel agencies, activities or others etc. for special deals only for NordCham members for the summer period and Christmas period. Share these in Direct Emails and on our social media.

Please send your CV and application to [email protected]