May Get-together with Nordcham on 2 May 2018

At the event May-Getogether with Nordcham in the evening of May 2, we were honoured to welcome Finnish Ambassador, Mr. Kari Kahilouto and his wife. The Ambassador gave brief introduction about the Finnish Embassy in Vietnam and its activities to all Nordic friends coming to the event. He shared about the meeting last month with Da Nang People’s Committee to discuss cooperation in education and training, smart city building solutions, and start-up and innovation activities. In September, Finnish Embassy will organize a visit of Finnish universities to Vietnam, planning for a vocational school in HCMC.

Finnish Ambassador, Mr. Kari Kahilouto updated on embassy’s activities

There were representatives from Embassy of Sweden came to update on their contribution in Europe Village event, 7-day challenge program and upcoming trade delegations.

Nordcham Chairman, Mr. Soren Pedersen presented the upcoming job fair organized by Danish Embassy. He also shared with all participants the recently released 2017 EU-Asean Business Sentiment Survey and upcoming Vietnam Business Forum.

In addition to having updated information, participants who is business leaders talked and shared their experiences on increasing productivity of employees.