Work the Nordic Way Day, Hanoi – 17TH APRIL 2021
It was only back in October last year we had the first Work the Nordic Way Day down in Ho Chi Minh City. The aim was to connect all the Vietnamese people who have studied in the Nordic countries, with the Nordic companies here in Vietnam. With great support from the Nordic Embassies and our members. We also wanted to speak up for the Nordic Way of Working and the Nordic values. We wanted to create a branding platform for our Nordic members here in Vietnam and to support promoting the Nordics. For a first off event of this kind, the event last year was a huge success with more than 120 participants, but also 22 Nordic companies represented.

Our 2nd event took place up in Hanoi on Saturday 17th April at the Pan Pacific Hotel. This time with even greater success. We had over 150 participants and 12 companies represented with booths. We had speakers from Carlsberg, ESoft and Eriksson, all sharing their view on the Nordic Way of Working and a look into the most important topics for the future for the Nordic Companies here in Vietnam. Not surprisingly sustainability was the key word that keep coming up for both companies, Embassies and Alumni speakers. 

The Finish Ambassador did a great speech highlighting some of our Nordic values such as equality in all areas, like equal opportunities for both genders, equal pay and equal benefits amongst others. And our 2 speakers from the Alumni Network introduced us to how they have managed to have great success here in Vietnam with a background of studying in the Nordics, and what values and learnings that meant the most for them on their journey to success here in Vietnam. 

All in all a great day of networking, introducing participants to Nordic companies, with plenty of job opportunities and learnings. We ended the day with more than 20 winners of sponsored lucky draw prices. A great lunch with ice cold Carlsberg draft. And plenty of laughs and networking. 

We want to give a huge thanks to all of our sponsors, Alumni, participants, Embassies and members. You are the ones that make this happen with us. 

Our next Work the Nordic Way Day will take place in Ho Chi Minh City on Saturday the 2nd October 2021. We hope to see you there.


Thank you to all our sponsors, participants and supportive sponsors to make this day happen.

Thank you to all the sponsors who supplied more than 20 very nice lucky draw prices for the participants at our event.