SPRING Production celebrates employee no. 200

In April, SPRING Production celebrated its 10-year anniversary in Vietnam, and now the Danish company with offices in Aarhus, Ho Chi Minh City and Hamburg has reached another milestone: Recruitment of employer number 200.

Things have been accelerating at great speed in the past couple of years for Danish SPRING Production which is specialised in graphic and digital production, 3D and motion graphics. Especially in Vietnam where the only way forward has been up. In 10 years, SPRING Production has gone from 10 people in a small office space to more than 150 employees spread across several floors in a modern glass building in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. So, while SPRING Production’s headquarters are situated in Denmark, it is not surprising that the recruitment of employee number 200 was for the Vietnamese office.

 “We have successfully developed SPRING Production in a difficult market – not least thanks to our dedicated focus on Vietnam. As planned, we’ve had the biggest growth here and continue to open new doors to both Danish and international clients so it is with great pride that we’re celebrating the first 10 years in Vietnam – and that the SPRING Production family now counts 200 people”, says Lars Bo Hansen, CEO in SPRING Production.

Lars Bo Hansen also emphasises strong partnerships with the clients and a continuous development of competences as important reasons for the success: “The close and honest relations we have with our clients enable us to optimise and improve our performances on an ongoing basis and to know when it’s time for something completely new – and that pays off”.

The 200-employees milestone was celebrated in both Ho Chi Minh City, Hamburg and at the headquarters in Aarhus where 42 employees are located. Because even though Vietnam accounts for the biggest growth it is thanks to the strong cross-border cooperation that SPRING Production in the last three years alone has more than doubled the revenue as well as the number of employees.

SPRING Production was established in 1998 under the name Digital Xpress. Today, SPRING Production is part of one of the biggest advertising groups in Denmark, SPRING Group, that also includes Agency Spring, Zupa and Spring Brandbox.